Credit Score Help

Over 48% of the US population in 2018 are looking for help with their credit score. The scoring and credit reports is very confusing if you are not well educated on the process. There are plenty of ways to get help with your credit score and how it is red. A few options would be mortgage lenders some real estate agents and even some CPAs have knowledge and experience in reading and reviewing a credit report. If you’re looking for ways to help increase your credit score it is always good to reach out to a credit repair counseling organization. Usually credit repair companies will do a free consultation with you and go over exactly what’s on your report and ways to fix it. It is  up to you if you’re wanting them to dispute derogatory credit items such as bankruptcies, repossessions, 30-day lates, mortgage rates and more. Disputing credit can be tricky based on what you’re seeing on your report. It is always good to watch credit educational videos and read articles. The internet is a great tool to get credit score help but keep in mind not all help is really help, meaning certain organizations are not trained and sometimes can make matters worse in your credit score.


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